Sunday, 14 June 2015

Healthy eating is about Balance & discipline !! Like my ashtanga yoga I love my daily juicing /smoothies I'm Always experimenting with different recipes as much as I'm trying new balances and postures with some yoga fun!! But you don't get the fun without the discipline ;my daily practice gives me the ability to do strength moves such as this; because of my commitment within my yoga and the other sporting activities I participate in .Everything to the full or not at All in my books including diet , eat crap fell like crap !I'm fuelled on plant power and at 47 I'm getting stronger & discovering new abilities with my body every Day! This is one of the poses in our fun league of extraordinary yogis Challenge presently on instagram!! The smoothie recipe I'm holding as follows ( 1/2 fresh juiced pineapple kiwi fruit x 1 then blend with banana x1 a teaspoon of Chia seeds and a cup of coconut milk!) Enjoy!!

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