Tuesday, 2 June 2015

I'm on the road to recovery I hope!! For the second time I have trapped a nerve in my back apparently my third & fourth vertebrae are the buggers!So my daily ashtanga practice has been put on the back burner once AGAIN!I'm certainly not new to injury I started when I was 4 years old ,lol I've had everything a wired up haw for six weeks drinking through a straw to knee operations & to many stitches to mention.So this time my back has a prolapse disc But that doesn't mean sitting around by any means so each day I'm posting what I'm doing to keep fit and recover back to full ashtanga practice and my hands on job as a builder designer.Today I'm showing a finger tip caturanga -dandasana & a upward dog ,GREAT for stretching & strengthening the back muscles that you need to recover .Any sitting around or non activity is no good it's going to make your back stiff at any time !There is a lot of grey area to backs as I've now found out so I'm getting on with my recovery as I see best if it doesn't hurt then it must be ok !!

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